September 11, 2007

Where did my childhood go?

I was driving over to a wedding shower recently. It was held at a house not far from where I grew up. I figured I’d swing by the old house and show my wife and friend where I grew up. I had heard the house was now an adult home. The garage had been converted to extra bedrooms, and the home was bumped out in back. I wanted to see how different things looked.

As we were driving there, we passed by my high school and grade school (they were across the street from each other). “So to our right is my high school and up ahead is…what the!? The grade school was gone! It looks like it happened pretty recently since it was a now just a dirt field and there were still some bulldozers there. Childhood home now an adult home, grade school a dirt field that will probably soon be a sub-division. I guess you really can’t go home.

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Anonymous said...

oh sure you can. maybe the adult home will still be there in 50 years.........hmmm.......