September 28, 2007

Book Club

We started a book club earlier this year. There’s about ten or so of us that meet every two months. It has been really interesting so far. I’ve enjoyed discussing the books with everyone. It really fleshes things out to hear other people’s takes on the books. One of the goals of the group is to expose us to different authors that we might not have checked out on our own. Another goal for me is to read some of the classics that we all should have read so far.

We pick two books to read in the two month period. The ones we’ve read so far are:

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
An Inconvenient Truth
The Time Traveler’s Wife
To Kill a Mockingbird

and this month’s books:
The Traveler
The Glass Castle

The Traveler is more of a “boy” book. It will be interesting to hear the ladies take on it. It is a thriller, kind of a modern day 1984 with a little supernatural thrown in. The Glass Castle is a memoir of a woman who grew up with some crazy parents, living hand-to-mouth for most all her life. Tomorrow should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Book club or wine club? Last night was fun! Thanks again for dinner!
Gotta get reading!

Anonymous said...

Yay books!!!