September 12, 2007

Need a fix man!

The wife and I had occasion to be at the hospital recently (everything is fine). While we were waiting for some test results, we heard a teen next door talking to the doctor. The doctor had prescribed some extra-strength Tylenol for whatever the injury/problem was. The kid says something like “When I was in here a couple of months ago with injury X, I was prescribed Percocet, and my pain level is similar now.” The doctor restated he was prescribing Tylenol. When the kid started to argue, the doctor got in his face and told him to get out. The kid tried to argue again, and the doctor started yelling for the kid to get out or he was calling security.

The doctor had escalated things pretty quickly, but I’m sure he was expecting it. I’m sure he has to put up with a lot of this crap, people coming in with phantom injuries just looking for drugs.

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