September 10, 2007

Not so regular running note

5.0 miles / 48:00 minutes / 9:36 mpm

Out for a run this evening. Weather was pretty warm today, so I waited until later in the evening to head out. Glad I brought the sunglasses because the sun was really low in the sky. My field of vision was pretty limited heading west. I also forgot the IT straps I wear on every run. I went 5 miles tonight and so far no unusual pains. Fingers crossed.

I ran a slightly different route tonight. I wanted to check out a house that was recently listed. After checking it out I got back on a more normal loop, but in reverse. It is odd how different things look even just being on the other side of the road and heading in the opposite direction.

I missed a few workouts last week. Life has intervened, some biking events have interfered, and I have been a bit lazy. I am kind of stumbling toward a half marathon in October. I am not expecting a great performance. It is a pretty hilly route anyway, so I probably wasn’t going to break any records anyway. It is still going to be a fun event with some friends.

I am reminded of some coaching advice I read somewhere: “training plans should be made of clay so they can be molded if necessary, not written in stone so you can beat yourself up with it if you miss a workout.” Probably a good life plan as well.


SeanH said...

Yes. And "life is as hard as wood."

Anonymous said...

I had the same weird feeling running around Greenlake on Sunday. WE WENT THE WRONG DIRECTION. Trippy!