September 21, 2007

This wonderful life

This has obviously been a trying period for my wife and I, and our friends have rallied to our side. I never questioned how fortunate we are to have the friends and family we do, but the wife and I are still blown away with the support we have received. One of our friends put together a wonderful care package of food, magazines and other comforts for the wife while she spent time with her Dad. I was also invited over for dinner while the wife was out of town.

When we came back to town last night, another friend showed up with dinner all prepared and a bouquet of flowers. Apparently several of the ladies have set up a schedule of prepared dinners for us. What a wonderful gesture, and one we truly appreciate. There have been lots of supportive phone calls and e-mails as well. Still others have stopped by to take care of the house while we were away.

Thank you one and all. Your support and friendship has, and never will be taken for granted.

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Anonymous said...

I am aching to be there right now. It's palpable. Love and miss you guys.