December 9, 2008

What was your name?

I am terrible at remembering names. A times it seems like I am trying to not remember their name. When someone tells me their name, it is like my mind says "what is that shinny thing over there" to distract me, and the name is gone.

I am trying to improve, and I am getting lots of practice delivering packages during the day. We have regular business stops where we need to get a signature when we drop off a package. As most signatures are illegible, I need to ask them their name to clarify who I left the package with. I don't want to ask the same person "what was your name" every day, so I am trying my best to focus. It is an uphill battle with all the new faces, but it is getting better.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ME TOO! That's the perfect way to put it, too. Something gets into my brain and says "you won't remember in a second so don't try". I feel so rude!