December 12, 2008

TGI the weekend

Well it was a blustery day here in the northwest. We have been enjoying a very mild November and December, but the weather has turned. Temperatures moved into the 30's and winds were steady all day. The typical "Storm of the Century" weather coverage this morning was predicting temps in the 20's and possible snow tonight. They have backed off a bit on the dire predictions, but winter weather is here.

It was a long day at work fighting the wind and sideways rain. When the high winds whipped across the roof of the truck, it rippled like the sound effects metal used to simulate thunder. Pine trees were swaying, and garbage cans were rolling down the road. If a house didn't have a sufficient enough covered area to protect the packages from the rain, we had to put them in large plastic bags. For a job that depends on shaving seconds, this makes it tough to stay on schedule.

Tomorrow morning is the local Rudolph Run 5k. I am pretty smoked from a week of running packages in work boots, so this 5k will definitely be just for fun. Friends and I have run this event the last few years, and it is a nice way to wrap up the year. As I head off to bed I hope that the threat of snow has been exaggerated.

Have a great weekend.

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