December 9, 2008

The person you are trying to reach is unavailable

The Dawg Run has a rant on phones this morning. I can sympathize - I am not a fan of talking on the phone, but carrying one around is a necessary evil for my regular line of work.

The battery in my "fancy" phone is almost toast. This is the phone/PDA with e-mail and web access, as well as all my calendar and contact information. The battery won't last 8 hours on standby and will drain with a couple of phone calls. I have a cheaper/simpler back up phone that I normally take out running or biking. The fancy phone is bulky and expensive so I don't want to carry it or risk dropping it.

With the battery issues, I have been carrying the cheaper phone with me on the UPS truck. So no e-mail during the day. Not many folks are calling these days, plus I can't hear the ringer over the diesel engine so I may miss the call anyway. Being untethered has been kinda nice. I could use a little focus in my life right now, and being away from the "bing" of a new e-mail every few minutes is refreshing.

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