December 19, 2008

Eye of the storm

Well it is all clear blue sky today, 22 degrees with the world blanketed in snow.

My driver called me this morning to see if I was ready to go. I am feeling a little better than Wednesday, but still not great. It turns out that he didn't make it in yesterday either, so he said that today's truck will be bursting at the seams. It is going to be a long one. Hopefully the chains will allow us to climb and descend all the hills of our route.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. Big Christmas plans with friends are on the calendar, and this annual party is always a good time. However, lurking on the near horizon is another big storm with threats of snow and high winds.

Plans may be canceled if the storm hits full force since they live on the top of a steep hill. If the winds do hit us while we are in a deep freeze, the power may go out again and we may need those sleeping bags and firewood after all.

Have a great weekend, and watch your footing.

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Anonymous said...

I thought of you today as Scott, Em and I were heading into Toys 'r Us, otherwise known as Santa's workshop, today. There was a UPS driver halfway sitting down onto his heels, signature box in one hand, box in another, no truck in sight, and the look of a deer caught in headlights in his eyes. Someone really needed to save this poor soul. We hope your day was not as bad.