December 23, 2008

Skipping Christmas

I reviewed Skipping Christmas by John Grisham book about this time last year. It has come to mind again this year. In re-reading my post from last year, the last few sentences read:

"I've thought a bit about skipping Christmas for a year. In reality I just want to leave some of the craziness behind. I would like a holiday of just spending time with friends and family. No gifts, no time at the mall."

Well, this year some of that has come true. My family has decided to forgo exchanging presents this year. Obviously financial times are hard and some of us can't or shouldn't afford it this year. When my Mom and I broached the subject, the response from the rest of the family was warm and great. It has never been about the presents of course, but Christmas will still be a little different this year.

We have been a little behind the eight ball this season. Our Christmas cards will be going out after Christmas because we have been waiting over two weeks for the picture. Broken windows, broken pipes, being snowed in for days - the season seems to have a small cloud hanging over it. The toughest part this year is that my wife and I won't be together on Christmas Day. She is spending Christmas out of town to be with her Mom this year.

Like our Christmas cards, our Christmas will be coming a little late this year.

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