December 18, 2008

Snow day

Snow continued to fall today. Freeways were parking lots for most of the day. My driver for UPS didn't call me this morning. I'm not sure if he didn't make it out, or if he took sympathy on me as I was feeling fluish/feverish yesterday. I am guessing the later as not much slows those guys down. So I had a snow day.

Our power went out for a few hours. Preparing for the worst, we dug out the candles, sleeping bags, lanterns and brought firewood in for a fire. The weird thing was our backyard neighbor had power but our street was dark. We didn't need to worry about the food in the fridge since we had some natural cooling going on outside.

I think my wife was a little bummed when the lights came back on. It meant her laptop was working again and she needed to get back to work. Away went the books and on came the electronics. Not nearly as nice a glow as from a fire.

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