December 15, 2008

The twelve ornaments of Christmas

This ornament is one of my wife's. It is a figurine of a nurse who is also an angel. Her Mom gave it to her in 1993 and there is a story behind it. My wife's mother was in a car accident that year, and my wife was living out of state at the time. She moved home to take care of her Mom for a few months. She was her Mom's angel.

As we walked around the tree this evening talking about my wife's ornaments, many of the ones from her mother had something to do with the year they were given. If the year was not already on the ornament, she wrote it in somewhere. There is a little 1993 on the bottom of the nurse's right foot. The Christmas tree is a little This is Your Life presentation.

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Holly said...

Nurses ARE angels. I believe it too, now more than ever. And I can see Jenn fitting right in there with them.