December 24, 2008

The twelve ornaments of Christmas

There are ornaments, and then there are gifts. Christmas means a little bit more since my wife and I married in 2001. The ornament above is our "First Christmas Together" ornament as a married couple and features a picture of us signing the marriage license. The photographer had Jenn flash a thumbs up sign while I was signing. It may be a little cheesy, but it turned out to be a great photo.

We have made a home and created our own memories over the years. Several of the ornaments on our tree that I haven't featured are mementos from trips or events during the past seven years. I can only hope that the next seven are even sweeter as we grow to love each other more and more.

I asked my wife to marry me on Christmas morning of 2000. The best thing I have ever done, and our first/best Christmas memory was when she said yes.

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