December 13, 2008

Rudolph Run 5k

It was cold and windy, but no rain or snow this morning. Five of us braved the cold weather to participate in the annual Christmas 5k. It is a local run with little frills, but some of the best events are the small ones. It is kinda cool when the race director knows your name.

Last year we dedicated the race to Alyssa who had just found out she had breast cancer. This year she is cancer free and was there to run with us. A nice bit of closure.

It was also Amy's first time running a 5k. She walked the event last year, but this time she did a run/walk. She had done all her training indoors on a treadmill, so breathing in the 35 degree air and fighting the hills made it a bit tough, but she finished well and promised to run another 5k. We welcome another sucker runner to the fold.


matt said...

Way to go Amy!

Holly said...

Wow! She looks GREAT too!