December 21, 2008

Annual Christmas cheer

What a weekend! Saturday was the day for the annual gathering of friends to celebrate Christmas. I'm not sure how many years Brent and Debbie have been hosting, but this is the big one you mark on your calendar each year. The party goes on into the wee hours of the morning, and everyone is encouraged to stake out a corner of the floor and curl up into their sleeping bag at the end of the night.

The invite list grows a little bit each year. People disappear for a while but stay on the list to return in later years. Even out-of-towners continue to get the invitation in hopes that they will be back in town for the holidays. This year we missed out on a number of folks because the snow fell all night long, there were threats of power outages, and as I mentioned the party was near a top of a steep hill. They were definitely missed.

We were treated to a surprise visit from a trio of out-of-towners who hadn't been to the party in at least five years. Matt, Holly and baby Annabelle quietly made there way into town and popped in on the party to surprise everyone. Many folks hadn't seen Matt or Holly in years, and it was great seeing them to exchange stories and hugs. Also, after following Annabelle's story on these and other pages, they were delighted to meet the miracle baby in person. She was sporting her latest pair of casts so we all got to sign them.

The party has become slightly tamer over the years. We're not as young and invincible as we once were, hangovers don't go away as quickly, and now there are children in attendance.

There is always a late night adventure when the guys have sufficient anti-freeze in them, and this year it was sledding. We threw our winter jackets on over our P.J.s and climbed to the top of the street. The snow was a little too deep and the slope of the hill a little too gradual, but it was fun to be out there frolicking in the winter wonderland.

In the morning, Brent and Debbie make a hearty breakfast for everyone that always features lots of bacon. In years past we have lazed away the day, often watching the Seahawk game. There were fewer people who had stayed the night this time, and with the snow-bound roads we all wanted to get the drive home started.

Another wonderful Christmas season spent with friends. Those that didn't make it this year, you were missed, and you will just need to whoop it up a little harder next year. The rest of the photos can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that we had to miss the fun. May the kids never really grow up (and I mean the big ones).
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I am sp bummed we missed it. Thanks for sharing the photos!