March 3, 2008

Weekly numbers

Some forward and backward progress this week. I have managed to gain 2 pounds this week, up to 182.5, but dropped a fat percentage point. Theoretically that means I added some muscle, but I am guessing it is mostly related to the volume of cheese and gin & tonics consumed during Saturday's book club meeting.

I am going to begin listing my training numbers each week, if only to highlight how bad my eating habits must be. Last weeks totals:

Running: 15 miles
Biking: 33 miles
Swimming: 2 miles

After seeing my friend's weight numbers (down 9 pounds last week without trying), I was curious how that happens. I have heard that your weight fluctuates noticeably not only during the week but during each day. As a test I weighed myself last night before going to bed:

10:00pm Sunday night - 185 pounds
7:30am Monday morning - 182.5 pounds.

2.5 pounds lost while sleeping. So if I could just get a few days of sleep...

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