February 29, 2008

The pursuit of happyness

There is a lot of back and forth today on happiness and joy here, here and here. Coincidentally I saw this on a Runners World discussion group today. The topic was "Little things that happen during runs that make your day". LA Runner's response was:

"I like seeing the unfriendly paper lady. Every morning I smile and wave and she has NEVER returned it. This sounds weird, but it makes me appreciate the fact that I AM happy enough to wave and smile at others. One day... "

Not sure that this is right on point of the original post, but it seems in the neighborhood. I certainly do my best to have an attitude that spreads more positive than negative during the day. And I think it does make a difference out there in the world. Whether it is an obligation or not, I suppose it is up to you to decide.


SeanH said...

Amen, brother!

Check this:


Holly said...

Maybe this is one of three of the paper lady's jobs and she senses this guys " I AM happy" and YOU'RE NOT attitude in his big smile and wave and it feels patronzing to her. Or maybe she's just not awake yet.