February 13, 2008

A matter of perspective

Coming home after an absence can often lift the cloud I sometimes operate under. Things I walk by on a day to day basis now leap out for my attention. I live a rather cluttered life, and the piles of things to read and do seem to be ready to tumble over and bury me.

I am now beginning to dig out my office. The phone jack that leads my office computer to the internet has been broken for some time now, so the computer has been collecting dust. My desk has become simply a place to pile all the paperwork I need to go through and file. I have taken over the dining room table for my new laptop office, much to the irritation of the wife. I have dreaded diving into this task, but the approaching tax season means I need to get things in order.

After spending some time with friends in their home last week, I now come home to see all that needs to be done with our home. Projects I haven't made the time for, or had the funds to begin scream for my attention. Seeing someone's nearly finished project makes me dream of what could (should) be. By the time I clear away all the debris, hopefully we will have some time and money to begin tackling the home improvements.

Another odd bit of perspective I didn't anticipate concerns our pooch. After spending a week with a tall, slender young pup, I was surprised how short and squat our own dog looked as she ran to greet us. Not a fair comparison, but the wife noticed it too.

I will try to keep this clear headed feeling as long as I can, before the crap just fades into the background again. That's the reason the flowery wallpaper is still on our closet door. I just don't see it anymore.

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Holly said...

On the home improvements note, you are CLEARLY referring to the Hawkins and not the Lindens. At least we have a tall, trim pup. I so understand the discouragement though, and constantly have to say to myself " one things at a time...as long as it takes."