February 28, 2008

And what would the lady like?

The wife and I went out to dinner tonight at The Keg. We had a postcard for a free prime rib dinner for the wife's birthday earlier this month. They were kind enough to let her use it as credit toward whatever entree she wanted. When the waiter came back to take our order, she drew a blank as to what she had picked. I started to tell the waiter what she wanted, but then turned toward my wife to remind her instead.

When I waited tables, I found it kind of annoying when the man ordered for the woman. I suppose it is some throwback to some chivalrous intention, but now it just seems patronizing. There is always a couple of questions with every order, so I would end up asking the woman what she wanted anyway. Even though the man began the order, there was no way I could ask him how she wanted her steak without feeling silly.

As our memories continue to decline, the wife and I will hopefully be able to prod each other to remember. I have a deal with her though - if we'ew ever in a restaurant and she needs to tell me "no, you don't like that" as I'm ordering, I'm not allowed out in public anymore...