March 6, 2008

I should clean more often

So I cleaned out my truck today. It was getting pretty ugly. Things weren't quite growing yet, but Spring was on its way.

Ever since I worked in construction, I haven't really taken the time to keep the interior clean. Back then if I bothered to clean it, I was only going to track in dirt and dust the next day. There was also various tools and rain gear in the back seat at all times, so I've become used to a certain level of dirt and clutter. Today after work I pulled out all the junk. Tomorrow - vaccuum.

While I was digging through the crap, I found a gift card from a local bike shop. I had won it last May on commute-to-work day. I threw my name in a hat at one of the support stations that day, and I won a $50 G.C. I had spent about $18 of it a while ago, then forgot all about it. So today I bought these:

They are freddy fenders from Planet Bike. Now if it is raining outside, I have one less excuse. Hopefully with these attached to the bike I won't come home with a dirt skunk-stripe up my backside. As an added bonus, 25% of their profits are donated to bike advocacy groups. Even better, for me they were free.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by the Brooks Outlet store. They carry older model running shoes along with clothing and weather gear. I was hoping that they had last year's Adrenaline GTS 7 at a discount. They had them at about $25 off MSRP.

As I was looking at them, the friendly lady pointed out that they had some with a red #2 on the box. Apparently these were made with a slightly firmer forefoot. She said unless I was an elite runner (I tried not to laugh) I probably wouldn't notice a difference. And these were $55 off MSRP. I resisted the temptation to grab them all. I picked up one pair and will try them out ASAP so I can pick up at least one other pair.

They were also having a buy-one-get-one-free sale on some of their shirts. The shirts were already clearance priced. I ended up getting two running shirts for $10.

It was a very good shopping day.

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