March 28, 2008

Aeronautical engineers go back to their roots

Were they wasting time throwing paper airplanes in class?

Japan is set to launch a paper airplane from space as a study in aerodynamics. An origami master spent 18 months trying to create the perfect space aircraft from paper. Their hope is to launch it from the space station sometime in the near future.

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Back when Seattle had a Kingdome, the Mariners would have an annual paper airplane night (sponsored by Boeing's Museum of Flight). People would write their name on a provided piece of paper, create their airplane, and launch it from the upper deck hoping it would land in one of the car sunroofs below.

The promotion is no longer, mostly because the Kingdome is no longer. Just over eight years ago, March 26th, 2000 the Kingdome was imploded.


Holly said...

Crazy intersting stuff! And was the Kingdome implosion REALLY eight years ago. Does time REALLY have to go this fast? Man. BTW, took Brother to Cafe on Park yesterday. Having dinner with him tonight. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it was 8 years ago - I remember it well. We were having a 'morning after' from a girls night of fun at Cherie's. I believe that's when she was prohibited from pouring wine anymore. KABOOM