March 17, 2008

From the road

I was driving to Kent this morning, so lots of freeway time. Traffic wasn't too bad until I reached the ship canal bridge. Things always seem to jam up there no matter what the time of day.

Cars were still moving about 20-30 miles an hour. The car in front of me was weaving back and forth in her lane, and the right turn signal had been on for a couple of minutes. It seemed a little early on St Paddy's Day to be worried about drunk drivers. It turns out drinking wasn't the problem, but rather fashion. The woman was too busy brushing her hair to be able to drive in a straight line.

Off the freeway in Kent a school bus was a bit ahead of me in the next lane. On came the flashing yellow lights, then the red. I slowed to a stop waiting for the little red stop sign to flip out. Turns out it wasn't stopping to pick up any kids, it was stopping at a rail road crossing. It is the law you know. How do I know? Saturday morning cartoons man!

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Holly said...

I remember that cartoon a little differently. Wasn't the Bill holding a burbon? "Oh yes!" How funny that you remembered about the school bus. See! We should raise our child on television!