March 12, 2008

10 percent

Something from the triathlon lectures this past weekend stuck with me. The first lecture was called "A swimming lecture won't make you a better swimmer...". She joked that with a name like this, she wasn't sure if anyone was going to show up.

One of the things she said at the beginning of the lecture is that most people stress out about the swim leg of the triathlon more than any other leg. The she put up a slide that simply said "10%". She said that the swim leg of the triathlon is only 10% of the event. We are all stressing out about the smallest part of the event.

Probably true about a lot of things.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Right now, I am trying not to stress out about ONE DAY ( the one where a person enters the world FROM my body )in the grand scheme of the rest of my life. What % is that day Mr. Day?