March 15, 2008

Early St. Paddys

For the last three years some friends and I have kicked off the running season by running the St. Paddy's Day Dash in Seattle. The 3 1/2 mile course runs from Seattle Center, onto the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and ends at Safeco Field. Running along the viaduct offers some great views of the Seattle waterfront. There's 10,000+ runners, so there's lots of good energy as well. The 2005 event was the first running event for Cherie and I, so it has a spot in out heart. A few other friends have started their running careers at this event as well.

This year we decided to forgo the crowds (and entry fees) and stage our own little 5k. We set up a route in Issaquah that started and ended here:

We're no fools.

I actually did a 10 mile run right before the 5k because I was scheduled for a 13 mile run this weekend. Might as well get it all taken care of in one morning. It was Tami's second time out running since her surgery, and Wendy and Cherie haven't been able to get out much yet, so we all took it pretty easy.

After the run we all went into the Gaslamp for a nice lunch and a Guinness or Kilt Lifter. We served Kilt Lifter at our wedding, and I don't think I've had one since. Quite tasty - I need to find out who carries it.

These runs are a great excuse to get together with our friends. This time around it was nice to avoid the crowds and save the entry fee for grub and a brew. Maybe a new season starting tradition.

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