March 20, 2008

Sorry, another rant.

We did not have the best experience getting our new windows installed. Some of the experience was detailed here. An abbreviated time line:

4/28/07 - signed the deposit check. Estimate of 5-7 days for measurement, 6-8 weeks to have them installed (roughly 7 weeks total).

5/16/07 - 18 days later after numerous calls from me they fess up that they haven't called anyone. They come out to measure.

7/26/07 - 13th week - scheduled installation. They call that morning to say windows weren't ready after all so they weren't going to show up. Offer $250 for my skipping work, moving furniture and taking down blinds.

8/9/07 - 15th week - windows installed, but one of them is cracked.

8/29 through 9/6 - many unreturned phone calls. Finally reach a human and express my frustration. They promise to take up with manager.

10/8/07 - 24th week - window replaced.

10/19/07 - they call for payment. No notes in file about our many discussions or any contact with the manager. Spoke to Gary who says "Are we terrible at customer service? Yes." He says they have new systems now which should help in the future. He will only knock off another $250 for my trouble.

3/18/08 - I receive a bill for $249. Three days on the phone to get a human, I find out that there is no note regarding Gary's $250 deduction. Finally transferred to Gary who says he will take care of it.

I suppose I should expect the $249 to show up in a collection account soon. The name of the company for anyone in the Washington/Oregon area is Evan's Glass. You have been warned.

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