August 8, 2007

Young Frankenstein

The wife and I went to see the premier of Young Frankenstein in Seattle. I won tickets to the show in a radio station giveaway. Young Frankenstein is a musical based on the movie with Gene Wilder, with music and lyrics by Mel Brooks - the writer and director of the original. It was very well done, every bit as funny as the movie with some extra gags thrown in. The songs are clever, the sets impressive, and even though this was the world premier it went off with hardly a hitch. The highlight was the “putin’ on the ritz” number. Megan Mullally (Karen from Will & Grace) plays Elizabeth, Young Frankenstein’s fiancĂ©e (that's fränken-steen!). She was a big hit with the crowd and has a great voice.

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Anonymous said...

How fun!! I'm a Mel fan. Jealous of your evening.