August 12, 2007

Laundry can be fun

My wife thinks the way I fold socks is funny. She actually laughed out loud when she first saw me doing my laundry. I guess I have an extra flip at the end. I didn’t think I folded socks in any particularly special way - It is just the way I fold socks. We also fold shirts in a different way.

When I was at a Laundromat last month with a friend, she was watching another woman fold laundry. She also noted how the other woman folded laundry in a unique way (there’s not much gong on while you’re waiting for your clothes to dry).

I’ve also found that people tie shoes differently. Some do two loops, some do a wrap around, some push the lace through with a thumb, some pull it through with a finger. It is odd that such mundane tasks still have a bit of variety. I assume when I was taught to tie shoes there wasn’t a debate on which technique was best. I wonder if there is a better way to…?


Anonymous said...

you DO fold you socks wierd.

Anonymous said...

What Holly said. You DO.