August 6, 2007

Flippin’ Window Company!

We may have new windows on Thursday. “May” is bolded as it has been a pretty crappy experience so far. We signed up with a company and handed them a deposit check on April 28th. ALMOST 15 WEEKS AGO. It took them 18 days and phone calls from me on three different days just to get the installer to come out and take the measurements (should have been 5-7 days). Windows were supposed to be installed 6-8 weeks later.

I called on July 5th (7 weeks after measurement) to see what was up. I was told they would be built in week 8 and delivered week 9. So they set up an appointment for July 26th (week 10). They sent a letter out to have us take down all of our window coverings and move all the furniture a few feet away from all the windows. Then on the morning of installation they call to say that the windows aren’t in. They say they will call and find out what the hold up is. Of course no call back. They have yet to initiate a call except to set up the appointment for which there were no windows. More phone calls from me in the ensuing week and a half only uncovers conflicting stories and more ineptitude. Meanwhile we’ve been living in an 80° fishbowl.

They called today to say the windows will be in on Wednesday and installed Thursday. This is 12 weeks since they measured and almost 15 weeks since I handed them a check. I was mostly worried about the installation when I started this adventure, so I can only hope the installers are much more competent than everyone else involved.

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