August 20, 2007

Drunken Promise Explained

I started biking based on a “drunken promise”.

I was sitting out on the patio at the restaurant I worked at, having some drinks with friends. My friend Cherie had recently ridden the Seattle to Portland ride, and talked me into riding the Tour des Lacs. It was an 84 mile route that she and her Dad were going to ride in a little over a month. Of course I hadn’t ridden in years, but I dug my bike out, did a little training and made it to the ride (didn’t finish unfortunately).

I wasn’t really drunk when I made the promise, but the term just seemed to fit the situation. When you’re sitting around with friends, drinking, making big plans – those plans sometimes don’t get mentioned again. What sounded like a good idea at 1 a.m. doesn’t always seem so brilliant the next morning, especially if you’re working on a hangover. The “drunken promise” is all about follow-through.

We have expanded our group and adventures. Some bike, some run, some do both. Four of us recently completed a marathon together with Team Drunken Promise shirts. It has also become easier to talk each other into things. Drinking isn’t required to get us to sign up for the next event, but it is still highly encouraged.

The site of the lastest drunken promise. Note the wine bottles.

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Jenn said...

What a great shot! Wonder if Evie made any promises...oh wait! She did, to be on the STP support crew next year. Now that's a promise I can handle. :)