August 15, 2007

The best show you might not be watching

The show is Psych and it is on the USA network on Friday nights. It follows Monk, another good show. The main character in Psych (Shawn) is an extremely perceptive guy who was doing some crime solving by just watching TV coverage. His skills were developed by his over-bearing father who was a policeman, and wanted Shawn to follow in his footsteps. Shawn and his father (Corbin Bernsen) do not get along, and the last thing Shawn wanted to be was a policeman.

In the pilot episode the police brought Shawn and were planning on jailing him as a suspect. They figured no one would know the information he did without being involved in the crime. On his way to the cell, he blurts out that he is a psychic. He convinces them by “seeing" details on several people in the room, and also helping them nail a suspect he met in the lobby. Though skeptical that he really is psychic, they later hire him out as a consultant.

It is your basic crime show, but funny. The best part is the banter between Sean and his partner and friend Gus. It reminds me of a few people I know…

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Anonymous said...

uuuhhh, what people are those? Do I know them???