August 24, 2007

Ah, Sweet Justice

From our justice is not so blind file:

Actress Lindsay Lohan reached a deal with prosecutors Thursday, agreeing to serve a one-day jail sentence after pleading no contest to drunk driving charges while admitting to using cocaine in two separate incidents…seven misdemeanor counts, stemming from two cases, of using cocaine and driving under the influence…Lohan was not required to appear in court for the misdemeanor charges…The Los Angeles County district attorney's office agreed to drop two counts of driving under the influence…Prosecutors decided not to charge Lohan with felony drug charges because the amount of narcotics involved was less than the standard 0.5 grams.

They said Lohan did not receive special treatment."She's getting what everyone else would get," Deputy Dist. Atty. Danette Meyers said.

Nicole Richie was released from jail after serving 82 minutes of her 4 day sentence. The 4 day sentence was for driving under the influence of drugs. Richie never actually even reached a cell.

She was released “based on her sentence and federal guidelines”

What the!?

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Anonymous said...

"No special treatment" rocks! I would love "no special treatment" just in every day life, let alone my criminal tendencies. That'd be great.