August 21, 2007

Obligatory Running Note

Went for a 4 mile run tonight. Felt pretty good, if a bit too fat (still haven't lost those pounds to improve my time). Lately I have been running by feel. No real plan for pace when I head out, just go at the pace that feels good. I have one of the cool gadgets that lets me know my pace and heart rate, but I have been trying not to adjust my pace by watching it like a hawk. It does record my splits so I can check things out when I get home. About the only thing I try to do is pick up the pace in the last mile. This is an added bonus since the last mile has the most climbing. My average pace was the best it has been in the last month of training.

I wasn’t sure how today would go after the long bike riding weekend. I’ve wondered if the bike riding would mess with the running. I sometimes have achilles problems when riding my bike, and this can translate into a running issue. I am training for a half marathon and the last couple of weekends when I should be doing my long runs, I have bike rides scheduled. I started training late for this half, and the bike rides limit the training further. I’m debating juggling my training to squeeze in the long runs, but I’m trying to listen to that other voice that says “don’t get hurt”.

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Anonymous said...

Good voice! Listen! -Holly