August 13, 2007

On the run again

I am training again. I haven’t been running regularly since the marathon in June. After the marathon I traded my running shoes for biking shoes to get ready for the Glacier ride. While I have a few bike rides coming up in the next couple months, I am focusing my training on running again. This is the start of the third week of regular running.

I’ve found it takes no time to get out of running shape. My first attempts were kinda ugly. I am trying to ramp up a little slower this time, hopefully avoiding any injuries. I would also like to have a bigger base before the training for my next marathon starts.

The cool thing is that my wife has started running as well. Though we don’t run at the same pace, we try to start out together each time. We’re both running three times a week, and I’m adding a biking day and a swimming day. She is training for a fall 10k, and we'll get to be at the start line together. Pretty cool.


SeanH said...

You guys are awesome! Si se puede! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Ya! What he said.....ditto!

Anonymous said...

whoa! Didn't know Jenn was running...Who will be on the sidelines with me to cheer and babysit? I feel ripped off.

Sean said...

Don't worry, I don't think she is crazy enough to do the marathons just yet.