October 19, 2008


So the installation of Verizon fiber optic went pretty well on Friday. The installer showed up within the two hour window promised, and was professional. There was a mix up on the work order, as they had indicated that I wanted phone service in addition to internet and TV service. When I told him that was incorrect, he had to call in.

I currently have phone service from Verizon, but only to get DSL. I plan to cancel both on Monday. According to the installer, if I gave up phone service, I had to put down a big deposit. So we had to wait around for their cancellation department to call me. That wasted 30 minutes. They didn't ask for a deposit, but I'm a little worried that now they will try to jack up the price or change the deal I was offered.

Anyway, the fiber optic works great. According to the online tests, our download and upload speeds are four to ten times faster. The TV service works just fine, though all the channels are different. The home media DVR works well, though it is missing those cool Tivo beeps and boops.

The home media portion of the DVR is pretty cool. As promised, you can watch recorded programs on any TV. You can also access the pictures and music from your computers over the wireless network. It doesn't support video though their website says it does, so hopefully that is on the way soon.

We haven't left alone long enough to see if the screen saver is anywhere near as cool as Apple TV's.

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