October 16, 2008

Fios is coming! Fios is coming!

We are getting fiber optic cable hooked up to our house. It will bring faster internet access than we have with DSL, as well as allow us to get rid of our land line since it was only there for the DSL. We will also be getting our TV over the fiber optic cable instead of the current satellite.

We are also replacing our current DVR with a "home media" DVR. It is supposed to allow you to watch recorded shows on any of your TVs, as well as let you access your computer for photos, music and videos ala Apple TV. Even the screen saver on Apple TV has been known to steal hours away as you watch your life go by in photos. If it lives up to the hype, it should be pretty cool.

What made us pull the trigger though was that it is a dollar or two cheaper than what we are currently paying for a better product. Plus with all the signing bonuses, we will come out noticeably ahead for the first year.

I am a little leery. Contact with any utility has never gone well with me. Power companies have shut off power because they hooked us up to the wrong meter (twice), a phone company sent me to collections because I "cancelled" my service rather than "closing" my account (or some similar semantic battle), a cable company spent 3 weeks trying to get internet to work (without success) then tried to apply the $150 refund to my TV bill even though they swore they were two different companies.

One of the real bonuses will be getting the desktop hooked up to the internet. The phone jack in the office has been busted for a long time. Not a big deal with wireless access to my laptop, but I've had to drag the new desktop out to the living room whenever I wanted to get online.

Fingers crossed that it all works like it should. If you hear from me sometime tomorrow, my luck with utilities has changed.

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Anonymous said...

May we assume that it is complete and working? Wahoo!