October 10, 2008

Free weekend

The wife is out of town. She is off on a Ya-Ya weekend with some of the women in our group. Hopefully she has a great time, does a little partying and lots of unwinding.

So I'm on my own. My mother jokes that whenever she goes out of town, my father lives on Scotch and Triscuits. The wife stocked up the freezer with some Trader Joe meals before leaving town. She needn't have worried. I hate Scotch.

Tonight I am enjoying watching The Spirit of the Marathon DVD that showed up in the mail today. A great film that I saw twice in the theater, and was still good the third time around. The only real plans this weekend are some yard work, finishing the downspouts, a little paint, and maybe getting in a run or a bike ride.

A run might be out. I did a little treadmill work today, and a couple hours later I was rolling my ankle to give it a crack, and something popped in my left heel. Very painful. Every time I rolled the ankle for the next 15 minutes - shooting pain. It is still a bit sore this evening. One more excuse to put my feet up this evening.

If the heel doesn't improve tomorrow, I may spend the day getting started on my next book. It is over a thousand pages and has been staring at me for the last year and a half. Not that I wouldn't enjoy a lazy day, but that to-do list isn't getting any shorter.

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