October 6, 2008

Change in the weather

Summer is finally over.

The furnace kicked on Saturday morning. The extended outlook is for 50's and drizzle. I'm reaching for pants and sweats instead of shorts. I had to dig out the rain gear to work at my cousins last week. When I get back to running tomorrow, I'll need to dig out the long sleeves. The grass is growing tall but it is too wet to cut. Sigh.

Saturday morning I ripped all the blue tape off the house because there probably won't be any more painting anytime soon. I cleaned out the gutters and replaced some of the downspouts. The new white downspouts look nice with the red paint and white trim.

On a completely different subject, the wife was very happy that her car does not clash with the house. When we picked out the color, she said "well we can never get a purple or orange car because it would clash with the house". Huh? I looked at here with what I thought was understandable confusion. She then asked other women and they understood what she was talking about. Sigh.


SeanH said...

It looks terrific!

(But God help you if you ever decide you'd like a lighter color. I think I re-painted my guest room ten times the other day.)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I can't wait to see it in person.