October 12, 2008

Seattle sports

They are pretty dismal this year.

I am not a sports fanatic. I do not carry statistics around in my brain. It would be difficult for me to recall the last few Superbowl champs or World Series winners. When "my" team loses it doesn't ruin my day or week. I enjoy watching the games though, and it has been a tough year in the Seattle area. To sum up:

Baseball: The Seattle Mariners lost 101 games this year. They have some talented players, but almost none have lived up to their potential in the past five years.

Football: The Seahawks are 1-3 in a very weak division. The UW Huskies are 0-5 and their coach is going to be booted unless there is a miracle finish to their season. Their one hope of success, their starting quarterback, is out with a broken thumb. The WSU Cougars are 1-6 and have been blown out nearly every weekend.

Basketball: The women's professional team, the Seattle Storm, had a decent year, but were bounced from the playoffs in the first round for the third year in a row. The Sonics have unceremoniously moved to Oklahoma after the new owners broke promises and contracts.

I've never been a fan of any car or horse racing, not big on hockey or soccer, I only watch golf the week of the Masters tournament, and I don't have any connection with high school sports. I have slowly removed myself from the couch on weekends since I started biking and running. I still enjoy watching the occasional game on TV, but this year the local teams have made it easier to head outside instead.

...and now the Seahawks are 1 -4.

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