October 25, 2008

Reading gadgets

Like my friend Matt, I have signed up at Good Reads. It is a networking site for readers and book recommendations. And of course there are widgets! On the sidebar are widgets that show the books I am currently reading and my most recent reads.

I was up late last night doing laundry (big Friday plans), so I plugged in several books into my "read" list. Just going off my bookshelf and vague memories, I came up with about 170 books. This is certainly not a complete list but even at this level, it is odd to see them all lined up. I wasn't going to spend the time to review each one, but I will do my best to give intelligent reviews going forward if you are looking for book recommendations.

Another bonus for me on this site is being able to plug in books in the "to be read" section. With the ever diminishing capacity of my short-term memory, it is nice to have a place to enter interesting books I have come across.

The book I am currently reading, Team of Rivals, is excellent. Great insight into Abraham Lincoln and his career. Review to follow.

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