August 20, 2010

Hooray, pizza day!

Friday is pizza day at the house. Pizza is an easy meal at the end of the week, and quite frankly, pizza is something to look forward to. Pizza day is a happy day.

There is even a song about it. The Pheddipidations podcast features a song each week by an independent artist, and one week it was "Pizza Day" by Jonathan Coulton. He wrote in honor of the (best) school lunch. As he says, "In my school, it was Friday. The pizza wasn’t any good at all, but you can’t really argue with pizza at school can you?".

You can hear it here. I picked it up at iTunes, but it looks like you can get it for free on his blog if you are interested.

Did you notice something?
Did the world seem different since the moment you woke up today?
Everyone’s excited
Everyone feels happy in a way they can’t explain today

Doesn’t matter who you are
How your week has been so far
Cause you know when lunch time comes, that everything will be OK

Hooray, pizza day
Hooray, pizza day

Some of us are lucky
Some of us have lots of friends, our tables will be full today
Some of us are lonely
Some of us have no one but it doesn’t matter much today

Even if we don’t belong
We know another week is gone
And we know before too long, the whole damned thing will go away

Hooray, pizza day
Hooray, pizza day

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