April 10, 2010

Is running recession proof?

Most all of us have felt the pain of the last couple of years. Falling home values and sketchy employment have forced some belt-tightening. But sales of certain items seem to be a bit recession proof.

I remember from my Econ classes that hamburger sales move in reverse of the economy. When times are tough, people buy cheaper protein. Other items that are moving in the same way are Spam and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Not surprisingly, antacids and Pepto-Bismol are also seeing a jump in sales. But also included in the list of movers are running shoes and sunscreen.

Both the Seattle and San Diego Rock n Roll Marathons have sold out this year. Seattle's inaugural event sold out last year, but sold out much more quickly this year. San Diego had never sold out before, though the sell out had a lot to do with the addition of a half marathon option for the first time this year. And I also heard that the Las Vegas Marathon race fee went up by 50% in only its second year.

I'll be doing my part to support the running industry tomorrow morning - I'm running the Carlsbad 5000 with Sean & Marci. Carlsbad was one of the first major 5k events and it is now in its 25th year. It is also one of the largest 5k's in the country, boasting about 10,000 participants this year. Several world records have been set on this course, and I am hoping to set my own little PR. I don't think I will finish in a particularly great time, but I should be able beat my previous best since I haven't run a 5k for time in about three years.

Turns out that running beats both depression and recessions.

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