April 17, 2010


I made it home from work much earlier on Friday, around 6:15 or so. So much earlier that I was greeted at the door with a round of applause. It was a great welcome home and a good start for the weekend. We opened up a bottle of wine and watched Star Trek. I melted into the couch and was positively giddy (well giddy for me).

Didn't catch up on too much sleep, but did get an extra hour or so. The bed is at about perfect chin-height for the dog, and she greets me early each morning with smiling eyes and a wagging tail. The giddiness and wine lingered from the night before, so I was slow to get up. She started nosing the covers off, letting me know that it was time to get up and make breakfast. Now!

It was a nice, slow morning - coffee and the paper - good stuff. I haven't been able to get in any weekday runs the last few weeks, but I've been trying to get in the long runs on the weekends. The number 15 was on the calendar for today, and I wasn't feeling all that up to it. I headed down to Ocean Beach to get in some good scenery to make the day go a little better. It was a decent day, but the last few miles were a struggle. Not surprising with as little running I have been getting in. 

On every trip to San Diego in the past, I have made sure to put my feet in the ocean. I am drawn to it. But in the two months I have been down here, I haven't made the time to get to the beach. After I finished my run today, I walked the extra half mile to Dog Beach. Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, but I think Dog Beach may have it beat.

I walked through the bounding puppies and chilled my sore legs in the surf. Ice baths are supposed to be good for recovery, and it is hard to beat the feeling of toes in the sand while you're doing it. Glorious!