April 3, 2010

Go for launch

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Will the iPad change everything? Has Apple hit another home run, or will it not live up to the ever-increasing hype of an 'i-something' product launch? I have a feeling it will be a very (very) cool gadget, but unless you have money to burn, it might be a tough sell for something that falls between an iTouch and a laptop especially in this economy. As Sean put it, it is built primarily for consuming, not creating. But I'm sure there will still be lots of people in line this morning anxious to get there hands on one.

And the iPad has made it's mark in one way already - prices of e-books are going up. Publishers have been frustrated with Amazon's price-point of $9.99, claiming they can't make any money at that price. The coming competition from the iPad launch has allowed them to renegotiate with other e-book sellers. Amazon, Barnes & Noble to let publishers set price for e-books. Increased competition and prices go up. Not what I learned in business school.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have an iPad. Just can't convince myself that I need one.

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