December 30, 2007

Year Reviewed

We had our Year in Review party last night. Another fun night with our running/biking crew. We showed up with all our hardware around our necks (3 - 5 medals). After a few cocktails, we watched Wendy's review DVD. She did a great job. Her version was definitely more creative with a touching introduction, and she did a great job of weaving videos and pictures together on the San Diego Marathon.

We took a break and filled our calendars for next year. We have plenty of new adventures planned for 2008. I have two marathons on my plate already, and we are trying to get some more runners together to do a 24 hour relay race. Everyone runs 3 legs of the race while sharing a van and trying to catch some zzz's when they can.

After a figuring out 2008, we plopped ourselves back in front of the big screen and watched my version of 2007. It wasn't quite as creative, but hopefully everyone enjoyed my take on the year.

We were up pretty late, and mildly hungover this morning. However three of us laced up our shoes and went for a run. My California friends say that during a run on the morning after, at some point in the run they feel the wine bottle fall out of their body with a thunk - hangover gone. After 12 miles I was still waiting for that feeling, but it ended up being a decent run anyway.

We are all looking forward to another great year in 2008!

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