December 19, 2007

Do you know the password and secret handshake?

On my way out the door the other night, I fed the loyal pooch. When I got there, the dog food container was pretty much bare. I had to pick some up before returning home or the pooch would be getting toast for breakfast (not that she'd mind).

Traffic was awful around the normal pet store, so I continued down Aurora on my way to Seattle. I found a PetSmart on the way, ran in, grabbed the bag and went to the check out. "Do you have our PetPerks card?" No. Well then the food costs $4 more.

I am so tired of all these flipping "club cards". I'd prefer not to belong to any clubs (not much of a joiner). It all started in the grocery stores. Either Safeway or QFC led the charge in our area. I assume the point was to create loyalty. Their justification was that with all our purchase data that they could better understand what items they should stock. I'm not sure how all this individual purchase data is more definitive than their normal inventory and ordering information.

I suppose reward cards like Subway, Office Depot, etc. create some loyalty, but as I'm not getting any reward (other than sale prices they used to give to everyone), these club cards are really just a hassle for customers and more work for the stores. Now it's pet stores. Why not fast food places, coffee shops, gas stations, etc.

I have no idea if these cards create any loyalty. They certainly don't for me. I'm sure most people choose their grocery stores for convenience of location, price, and/or quality of brand. I actually try to go to Top Foods when it is convenient as they are one of the few without a "club card".

I just want to walk in to what ever store is handy, and trust that the price listed on the shelf is what I will pay when I get to the checkout.

P.S. Saying my name as you hand me my receipt does not give me a warm fuzzy.

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Anonymous said...

Grrrrrrrr! I've actually seen Mrs. Ditchman express her grievance about this to the grocery checker, when she thought she was shopping at one of the last w/o a club card. You two should commiserate in February. I'd like to watch.