December 23, 2007

Now that's a Christmas card!

I love receiving Christmas cards from people, and particularly photo cards. In carrying on a Linden tradition, our refrigerator is covered with photos of friends and family. We rotate in the new photos each year. There are photos of kids at varying ages, friends in front of a decorated cactus, other friends in front of Mount Fuji, still others in costume in front of the capitol building.

I also enjoy the letters that some send out. We don't get to see some of our friends and family as often as we wish, so it is nice to get a brief peek into what their year was like. It is actually kinda nice to look back over our own year when we write our letter. In some ways it is hard to believe that another year has gone by. Now that we are doing the year-in-review DVDs, the photos help flesh out some of the details.

Anyway(s), we received this Christmas card from some friends:

Yes, that is really our current and former presidents and not a photo-shopped Christmas card. I had forgotten all about this, so the card was a fun surprise. Our friends were back east in August with family, and they were having their son baptized. Turns out they were at the family church of the Bush's in Kennebunkport Maine. Here is another shot of the baptism - click on the photo to enlarge (Bush family in the front row):

That is going to be a tough one to top next year.


SeanH said...

Now that is awesome.

What cracks me up about that 2nd pic is that it looks like Barbara Bush is taking a picture of the kid with her camera-phone! (click on pic to enlarge.)

Anonymous said...

Wow! There's no topping that. Don't even try. Hilarious.