December 31, 2007

The Happy Totals

Well it is December 31st so it is also time to look back on how far I've gone (literally). I keep a log of all my running, biking and swimming both for historical record and to analyze for training and injuries.

It was a pretty full year. I completed my second marathon, my second and third half marathons, and took another week long bicycle ride to support the Lung Association. I shaved almost 15 minutes off my half marathon PR, and 35 minutes off my marathon time.

Being an overweight 40 year old and starting running later in life, I am still in that window of time where improvement is more dramatic. Knocking time off is going to become more difficult next year, and I think it is time to start taking better care of my body (better foods, losing weight, etc).

So here are the happy totals:

Running - 660 miles

Biking - 1346 miles

Swimming - 12.8 miles

I did more biking last year (thanks to a two-week trip), but added almost 300 miles of running to my total. The thing that really shocked me was that I ran 111 days this year. It didn't feel like I was running that regularly.

I've been slacking on the biking and swimming lately - I haven't done any since September. Unfortunately running is kicking my butt right now and I'm too sore to think about adding it back in.

Looking forward to another great year in 2008!

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