December 9, 2007

White Christmas?

Another day on the fence, another morning waking up to this:

The snow wasn't going to last. The snow was what was termed last week a 'novelty event'. Still, every second day I work on the fence it snows. Need a snow day, I'll build you a fence. I am in the home stretch now, just a couple boards short of finishing the last section.

After finishing up, the wife and I headed to the Depot to pick up our Christmas tree. We also stopped by Costco and picked up some new LED lights for the house (98% energy savings!). Three years ago when we moved to our new house, we waited until the last minute to get a tree. We went to Home Depot out of desperation, and there were four trees left. Didn't take us much time to pick out the tree. Now Home Depot is a tradition.

I think decorating the tree is one of the best parts of the holiday. There are some ornaments that have carried through from my childhood. Some have been created by my mother and grandmother. Still others we have picked up along the way and have some new sentimental value for us as a couple. It is an annual walk through 40 years of memories. Exquisite.

The new lights will hopefully decorate our eaves soon. We'll see, tomorrow (fortunately) is a busy day.

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Anonymous said...

I always get so happy decorating the tree too! The ornaments really remind you of how blessed you are. Almost every one makes you think of someone or something special! We have three gold leaves ( pretty! ) on our tree that make us think of our Days. Who's that hotty elf decorating your tree? Your topper looks like a good one. On the tree as well!