December 27, 2007

Year in Review

So the DVD is finally done. This is the first year-in-review DVD I have done. A tip of the hat to Wendy who did one last year to get the tradition started, and to Sean for demonstrating what could be done.

There are two versions of the DVD - one for the running and biking group, and one for the wife and I with a couple extra chapters of our own. The personal version opened to rave reviews (well from the one person who has seen it). We watched it Christmas morning - could be a new tradition.

The running/biking group is getting together this weekend to watch the review DVDs and to plan our next year of events. We'll show up with calendars in hand, and this year's medals around our neck. It should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how Wendy put our year together. We'll have a lot of the same pictures, but I'm sure the finished products will be quite different.

Of course some new promises (drunken or otherwise) will be made.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could be there!