December 20, 2007

Mall Rat

Today was the first trip to the mall. I had an early start, so the worst part (parking) wasn't too bad. I really don't mind the whole crush at the mall during Christmas. I don't get stressed out and feel the rage that is ironically attached to the season.

To get in the mood, I listened to "A Very Special Christmas". It has been my favorite Christmas album since it came out in 1987. As a child of the 80's, I enjoy the lineup of artists on the CD. It also brings back plenty of fond memories. The first listen each year is always on my own. My little private Christmas moment.

Another flashback hit me in the toy store. One shelf had some "classic" (read old) toys that have come back. Tinkertoys probably never disappeared entirely, but finding a new audience are Rock-em, Sock-em Robots and Gnip Gnop. I don't remember either being all that fun 30 years ago, and I wonder how they compete against the Wii these days.

Of course no one can find a Wii to buy this season, so maybe there is hope.


matt said...

Lincoln Logs were the best. We also have A Very Special Christmas record that we really like. It's the 1997 one. I'll have to check out the one a decade earlier.

Anonymous said...

Matt didn't say that, I did.

Anonymous said...

OK, at least I know what Tinkertoys are. I have never heard of Rock-em, Sock-em Robots and Gnip Gnop. And what's a Wii that I won't be finding this season??

How did your shopping go?

Anonymous said...

ok, I just looked up the 87 record, and I was so familiar with the line up and every song on it. It bothered me that I couldn't find any of them in our collection on the computer. I think it's one that we had that didn't make it into Itunes. Drat!